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RC Helicopters

Buying,Building and Flying…
It is more challenging to Fly RC Helicopters than Planes,
it will require lots of your pratice,but the rewards are well
worth it.Most pilots start with at least a good simulator or
an instructor to help themself out to learn to fly.Nobody
wants to crash their helicopter on their first flight due to the
initial costs involved with the purchase of a helicopter.
Ckeck out the helicopter ground school  to learn more.
RC Helicopter Kits or ARTF?
RC helicopter kits are available as “full kit”(very few
parts assembled) and 90%+ assembled,excluding the
radio or the engine,basically assembled with engine,
or nearly complete and complete RTF with engine,
gyro and radio.Package deals that should include the
engine,gyro and radio are the best beginner’s setups
Electric Nitro Gas Powered?
In fact,most of the people prefer the nitro gas powered
remote control helicopters because they sound more
like real one than the electric models.Personally I like the
fact that for the nitro powered helicopter,you can fly
as long  as you like, just fill more gas.However,with the
electric model,you fly it for about 8 to 10 minutes and
you either have to have extra battery packs(not cheap!)
or a battery charge to charge the batteries.
Super quiet is one of the best things about the electric model,
so if you are planning on flying often where there’s no noise
restrictions,then the electric model would be the best choice,
otherwise,stick with the gas model.Check out the

Mini electric RC helicopters for indoor and year round flying.

Let’s get started
The most cost effective way for the beginner to learn how to fly an rc helicopter
is to get the Radio Control**Dave Brown RCFS 2001 Flight Simulator-DAV7001.
It will pay for itself in the 30 seconds of use—it gets expensive crashing model
helicopters, Simulators are close enough to the real one to teach you a lot,
learning how to react to the controls should benfit all new pilots.
Some people will only be interested in the real thing,however,if you preffer to start
with the actual model,we recommend .30 size rc helicopter due to the initial
costs and the coasts of repair kits.
Some good beginner rc helicopters are the Radio Control * Thunder Tiger Raptor V.2
RTF Helicopter 49 BB Pro Mod Engine-TTR 4839-A11 shown below and the
Kyosho Nexus.
These helicopters have belt driven and are much more precise.
When performing 3D maneuvers than torque rod driven tail rotors are.
You can star with the Raptor 50 shown below if you have some experience.

The Radio Control*Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 High Performance Helicopter
Kit w/ Engine- TTR 4851 K 11 is slightly bigger and a little more expensive
than the Raptor 30,but it has a slightly larger rotor disc,parts compatability with
the Raptor 30 series,also has extra power,and a couple of really good upgrade
parts and a very sweet muffler!.
The R50 is well worth the extra expense!
There are several key selling points about the raptor:It flies very well with no
extra upgrade parts required.It is duarable,and strong enough for the rigors of
3D aerobatics.It’s not difficult to assemble,service,and repair. You can tame it
down to be a stable machine to learn with,you can also change settings and rip
around anytime,and show off your 3D maneuvers to everyone.
The R50 package includes the TT50-H Pro engine and muffler.along with the
Airtronics RD-6000 radio.It is easy to use and to program,has nearly all of the
neat progarmming features of the $1000 sets.Because of the resonable price,
The R50 package was known as an all-around super value package by RC
Helicopter lovers. And the Raptor .60 V2 Helicopter is even more powerful.
The JR Voyager Helicopter shown above is electric,if you’d rather have gas powered,
then, the new Vigor CS Carbon Ccpm Shaft Drive JRP 9051 Heli with Shaft-driven tail,
and Unique 140° CCPM control system is the one you should definitely need to check
out! It ‘s a kit. the original Vigor design was finalized until the time that it was actually
manufactured and available, Curtis continued experimenting with changes to the basic
Vigor design. JR’s latest version of the Vigor is a carbon copy of what Curtis is now
flying and is the culmination of all of his tweaking and experimentation on the stock Vigor.
We have the pleasure of introducing you one of the 2005 top sell helicopter model:
Zoom 400 Radio Control RTF Expert6-Channel Collective Pitch RC Helicopter
This rc helicopter is perfect for the helicopter pilot that demands the ability to
fly upside down and perform all sorts of aerobatic maneuvers.


rc jet
Flying RC Jets is not a easy task.Since rc jets are very
fast,novice flyers should not get into this sport without first
acquiring some experience flying propeller driven rc planes
or using an instructor.If you are a beginner and want to fly
a jet,you should go for the slowest pusher jet.
Usually,a sleek fighter or WW II jet is the first plane that a
beginner will learn towards,but,take it from us, or you will
crash and burn on your first flight,particularly when you are
going it alone without an instructor.So beginner should stick
with the proven and best way of learning to fly,and that’s som-
ething along the lines of a GWS Slow Stick ARF ParkFlyer
or cessna trainer.
It will be a sad event when beginning rc pilots fly their

ducted fan planes into the ground and totally destroying it.

How many and Which Type of

                   RC Jet
   There are three types of rc jets.Pusher jets (beginner’s
   best choice),Ducted fan rc jets,and Turbine powered jets
   which has been making waves in the rc world recently,
   at the top end of the rc hobby.
Some of the Ducted fan rc jets,such as the F16 Fighting Falcon.Duced fan
electric rc jet uses a small high RPM muti-bladed fan engine that operates in an
internal duct,which can deliver huge power (20,000 RPM
or more). and Our new remote control SU-30 Fighter Jet
was designed based on the real SU-30 Fighter Jet. It
was built with a great attention to the detail of its big
brothers appearance and performance.
And,Megatech A7 Tornado 2 Channel RTF Electric
Ducted Fan-Jet is another great most popular model.
It comes 99% built right out of the box. With it’s ultra
low-drag stator-blade fan-jet design, it silently reaches
speeds of up to 25 mph! Because of it’s high-lift swept
wing,this true duced fan technology jet stays on course
and is easy to land .
If you interested in large giant jet with a wingspan
over 55 inches and a length close to  3 feet,
Estes Sky Rangers Air Force Two VIP R/C  Jet
(Powered by 2 electric ducted fan engines) is the
one you should check out!
to drive the jet really really fast.You should check out the F-86F Sabre jet model as well.
Pusher jet is beginner’s best choice such as the E-Flite ElectraJet EP Super Combo
or the Megatech Megastealth have a propeller in the rear of the plane which pushes it
through the air,and it is much slower than the ducted fan jet.
And the SU-27 Airforce electric RC Jet Plane is another
good one worth a look.It comes 99% pre-assembled.Ready
to fly right out of the box.easy to master giving you a new feel.
Turbine powered rc jets have a propulsion system in the back ,these types of jet rc
airplanes are just like real jets,they are at the top end and can go very very fast(some
as fast as 300+ MPH),plus they burn jet fuel,and also much more expensive.
I suggest beginner should start with slow pusher jet model even you have a little
bit experience with propeller driven airplanes,because you will have more time
to react to any of the problems that may arise.Of couse,with an instructor,you
can basically learn to fly just about any kind of model planes.
We have the pleasure of introducing you the best RC Jet Magazine here———-
The only radio control ‘Jet’ magazine in the world! It is truly global, with top writers,
technical articles, ‘Jet’ meeting reports, and advertisements from around the world.
Covers model jet aircrafts, gas turbine engines, ducted fans, and jet model flying

techniques. Check it out below!

We suggest you should start with one of the following
electric airplanes that are ready to fly(RTF) or almost
ready to fly(ARF) if you are new to rc airplane field.
The best beginner rc planes listed below are quiet
and very easy to control,you can fly them just about
anywhere freely.They are slow enough to give you
plenty of time to handle the bad situation and make
a correction while you’re flying your rc plane.Also,they
are perfect for flying at the park or in your backyard.
1.GWS Slow Stick ARF Park Flyer
2.Cox Electra J3 Cub R/C Airplane-8212
3.Firebird XL    (More on Popular Firebird Electric Models)
4.Thunder Tiger Whisper RTF EP R/C
  Glider (ACE 4303F)
5.Super Flying Medel “Soarstar” Parkflyer Airplane-SFM

Nitro Powered Planes
We suggest new rc hobbyists should start with
electric plane.If you are a beginner,but you really
want to start with nitro powered rc plane,then,
that’s your choice.Below we listed some of the best
beginner nitro rc planes to start with.Because they
come completely assembled with radio system installed
and they provide ultra-stable flight.which are pefect for
the novice pilot.
1.Thunder Tiger Trainer MK 11 SC RTF(TTR4523F)
2.Thunder Tiger Scooter RTF Super Combo
  (TTR 4561F)
3.Thunder Tiger RTF Easy Trainer 40 Plus Super Combo

  Flat Wing (TTR 4565F)


If you are starting out with nitro powered RC planes,then you must to get at
least the following accessories:
1. A field accessory pack—Consists of tote box,Manual fuel pump,extra glow
plugs,4 way glow plug wrench,glow plug igniter /driver with charger and a chicken/
starting stick(HAN STAR)
2. Standard fuel tubing(DUB 222)
3. Recoil fuel tubing(HAB 151)
4. Fuel bottle cap fittings(DUB 192)
5. Fuel line filter(DUB 162)
6. Twelve size”AA” batteries(FUG 4)
rc plane 12
Welcome beginners to the fun and exciting rc hobby of flying!Learning to fly a radio
controlled air plane is one of the most rewarding challenges and hobbies you canparts-of-a-RC-airplane
undertake.Flying a good performing airplane is a pleasure beyond description,it’s a
hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime.The door to Getting started in rc planes is open
to new experiences,and it’s not as difficult as you might think.This section will introduce
you to the ins and outs of our hobby as well as the lingo of model rc airplanes.Flying RC
Airplanes affords you the chance of experiencing that thrill with your feet planted on the
ground steadily.
Where to start?
The best way of getting started in RC Planes is to visit
a local library and bookstore or newstand,browse through
the model airplane magazines that are published regularly.
Find the one you like,subscribe it if it’s necessary,usually
those magazines give you a lot of updated information about
what’s happening in the RC world,and Model Airplane news
is one of my favorites.The magazine is jammed packed with
articles on best rc airplanes to start with ,plus great tips and
tricks to help you get started and work smarter.
The next step is to go to your local hobby shop customer
service department,ask the educated people for help on
selecting your first model that fit you.Find out the locations
of local flying club in your area so that you will have a place

to socialize with other modelers and to fly your rc plane.

They provide lots of good info to assist

you in getting started in rc planes.It will help ensure you get
a great start in rc hobby by taking these steps.
It’s necessary and you will be required to join the AMA prior
to getting started in rc planes at most clubs,insurance
coverage is also supplied along with your membership.
AMA also publish a monthly magazine which named Model
Aviation with lots of great useful info on rc contests and
events throughout the US.
In the UK,the British Model Flying Association(BMFA) is
the organization that handles this.The body is delegated by
the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of
flying model airplanes in the United Kingdom.
Get ready for Ground School
It is necessary to learn some of the basic parts of the
airplane in order to be able to correctly and successfully fly
a model RC plane.These terms are the same as full size.
The Wings provide most of the lift needed to fly the airplane.When the wings move
through the air,the shape of the wing causes the air that flows over the top of the wing
to move a lot more faster than the air flowing below it.As a result,less pressure is
created on top of the wing and more pressure is created below the wing.A higher
pressure underneath the wing pushes the wing upward creating lift.
Flight Control Surfaces
Models and real airplanes are both depend on control surfaces to maneuver and fly,
the basics being the elevators,ailerons and rudder.Some of the more sophisticated ones
might have spoilers and flaps and leading edge wing flaps.
Elevators—control nose up or down attitude(pitch axis) of the airplane.This is how it
works in a nutshell.When the pilot pitches the nose up,the wing angle is changed as
related to the airplanes forward movement.As the angle of the wing(know as angle of
attack—AOA) is increased,more of the lower wing surface is revealed to the oncoming
air and an increase in engine power will cause the airplane to climb.It will result in a stall
situation by increasing AOA too much without a corresponding power increase.
Ailerons—Ailerons are located on the trailing edge of the wings near the wingtips.These
surfaces will roll the model to the left or right.If the aileron stick is moved to the left,the
model will roll to the left becauseless lift is produced on the left wing.This can be
explained as follows.When a left roll input is introduced,the left aileron will move up
into the airstream,and the right aileron will move down.So,the airflow rushing over the
left wing no longer flows smoothly,creating less lift on that wing causing the model to
roll to the left.It works the same way for the right wing.
Rudder—Rudder inputs will control nose right or left attitude of the model airplane.If
left or right rudder inputs are introduced,the nose of the plane will move to the left or
the right.Rudder inputs are used to counter the effect known as ad verse yaw when
turning the model.This is the tendency of the right extended aileron to produce drag on
a right turn causing the model to want to turn to the left.
Aerodynamics—The four aerodynamic forces at play on a model are lift,gravity,thrust
and drag.
Lift—The result of airflow over the curved upper and lower wing surfaces.It’s the force
that keeps the model plane in the air.
Thrust—Thrust pushes or pulls the model plane forward.
Drag—The opposite of thrust.Drag is created by the friction of model against air when
it moves forward.
rc plane
RC Plane Guide is your absolute best guide to
learning to how to fly remote control airplanes,it’s
also great with tips on buying and building Rc
Planes,Rc Helicopters,mini Rc Helicopters and
Rc Jets. now, Rc flying is one of the fastest
growing and exciting hobbies around.
This site provides updated and essential
information on the best rc planes and rc
helicopters. it also gives you instructions in
buying or building rc simulators and radio
equipments. This site is especially exceptionally
helpful to beginners. Using this site’s tips should
ensure your success in being an accomplished
rc pilot.
Anyone can pilot rc planes after a few times of
practice,learning to fly is fun and easy, this site
can help you obtain the knowledge to succeed.


Daily Life Tips For Anyone

Some small changes in your routine can have a big impact on your life and are essential to healthy living. Makes these habits a part of your daily healthy living at no extra costs.

Maintain Loving Relationships

It has been proven over and over again that loving relationships give meaning to life and having loving relationships will determine your happiness. A nurse who has worked in a hospice for many decades recorded her interviews with dozens of sick, old and dying patients. She wrote down what they said they believed to be the biggest regret of their lives. Two of the top five regrets involved relationships. The dying say that they regret not being able to express their feelings and that they had stayed in touch with friends.

Be in the Habit of Being Grateful

Learn to be happy and content with what you have rather than continually pinning for what you do not have. Being grateful for the blessings in your life affirms your satisfaction of life. Positive people tend to be more grateful for where they are at the moment and are also more likely to be more optimistic of the future. Being grateful right now actually makes you also more likely to succeed in your future endeavors.

Do Not Work so Hard

The work life balance seems to be the holy grail of the modern workplace. But it is such a big concern because people are prone to working long hours to pay their excessive spending habits. Instead, try to spend less so that you do not need to work so hard. Then you would have more time to do other things, such as play with your kids or read a good book.

Be True to Yourself

Most people do not form the substance of their personalities until they are around 25 years old. This is why our most vivid memories are our younger years when we also make some of our most long lasting friendships.  Work on your fitness and weight by reading up on garcinia cambogia reviews and diet related materials. But too often this path to self discovery goes astray and we try to satisfy the expectations of other people and sacrifice our own true self. Some of these actions might be adaptive, such as taking up a college course our parents choose because it will lead to a better job. But other sacrifices we make should not be negotiated and some dreams should not be put off in your youth.

Digital technology has presented myriad of opportunities on the way people work, collaborate, and even get entertained. One area where technological transformation has become most prevalent is our workplace and how documents are being. Modern applications have been designed and as a matter of fact document management software’s have emerged and they are now being commercialized.Document management software’s are basically computerized applications that facilitate how users interact with documents.

There are several benefits associated with deploying document management software inside organizations and some of the perceived advantages include;

Enhanced security
Robust and scalable eFile document management software comes designed with features that provide more flexible control over sensitive documents such as patient related documents, financial information, or even vital personal details such as SSN numbers.  Document management application allows access to specific documents to be controlled at either folder or group level and different individuals or groups within the enterprise can be allowed access on certain documents at specific user levels.

Modern document management software comes with an in-built audit trail that shows which particular individual viewed or modified certain items inside specific documents. This is very difficult to achieve with conventional paper or micro-film based systems.

Disaster recovery capability
With document management software it is possible to backup the documents for offsite storage, and courtesy of disaster recovery features, whenever documents get lost they can be digitally retrieved at the touch of a button. This is very advantageous compared to using paper which is bulky, expensive, and prone to various disasters including theft, earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, and vandalism among others.

Enhanced regulatory compliance
There are several risks associated with non-conformance of electronic document storage. These risks include custodial jail sentences, withdrawn licenses, or even fines that can harm an entities reputation. With a combination of disaster recovery, archiving, audit trails, and sound security controls, an enterprise can authenticate the validity of information residing inside its repository hence demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Olive oil is one of the most popular natural oils for skin care. In fact, olive oil has been used as an ancient remedy for skin care during the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Phoenician civilizations and it is still widely used today. Olive oil contains oleic acid and vitamin E, which are both beneficial to your skin. The oleic acid helps to soften your skin, and the vitamin E improves the elasticity of your skin.

For the Hair

Olive oil helps control dry scalp problems as well as dandruff. It can also be used to make a conditioner for your hair. After shampooing, just mix equal parts of water and olive oil together, and apply evenly throughout your hair. Leave it for at least four minutes and then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For the Face

When it comes to caring your face, using Juniper Desert olive oil for skin or homemade cleansers and skin remedies is a natural way to achieve a healthy skin. Olive oil can be mixed with water for a homemade night cream, or with sugar to make a facial scrub. Olive oil can also be used to remove makeup, to lessen dry skin patches, as well as prevent or heal chapping on the lips. You can also make facial masks by mixing olive oil, flour, and an egg together. This type of mask alleviates dry skin and sunburn.

For the Body

You can use olive oil to make a body scrub for skin exfoliation. All you have to do is to mix sea salts with olive oil and apply it over areas of your body where you want to remove dead skin cells. For example, it would work well on your elbows, arms, heels, feet, knees, and legs.  You can also add olive oil to bath water for a luxurious, relaxing soak. Just after a shower or bath, olive oil can be used as a skin moisturizer and applied while your skin is still damp.

Regardless of how you use olive oil for your skin, it’s a cheap but very effective treatment. Other uses include olive oil as massage oil, as a soaking treatment to relax and soften hands, cuticles, and feet, as well as strengthen nails.